The world’s most sustainable Christmas tree


The bamboo Christmas tree is the supremely most sustainable alternative to both traditional and artificial Christmas trees. The wood is CO2 negative, i.e. it absorbs more CO2 from the atmosphere than it costs to produce and transport.
Our bamboo is ready for harvest in just 3 years and the bamboo plant continues to grow after harvest. This is in contrast to a traditional tree that takes about 10 years and does not grow further after felling.

Our wood is designed for a minimum of 20 years of use, as opposed to a traditional wood that is “use and throw away” with all that entails.

Bamboo grows without artificial fertilizers and the use of pesticides, and our factory uses sun drying rather than oven drying, which further reduces CO2 consumption.

Bambooxmas is a business partner with the organization Verdens Skove, and you support the world’s forests with DKK 20 for each tree purchased, which corresponds to the preservation of approx. 47 m2 of rainforest.

You can see more about the world’s forests and support their work to preserve the world’s forests HERE.


The Bambooxmas tree signals sustainability In the quality-conscious Scandinavian design tradition The tree is particularly suitable for the office, hotel foyer, waiting room or as corporate gifts.

Bearing in mind that the wood is designed to be used for +20 years, it is also by far the cheapest decorative wood on the market.

The special modular design means that the tree can stand up from a tree or in a corner, you have to adjust the branches beforehand, for example remove the branches on one side so that it can stand up from a wall.

The wood is practical, easy to handle/take apart, it is hygienic and easy to clean and clean up after as there are no pine needles to clean up or trees to go to the recycling site. It is delivered in a practical cardboard box where the tree can be stored year after year.

And then the Bambooxmas wood is safer, as it is virtually impossible to ignite and therefore far more fireproof.

We have favorable prices for wholesale purchases. By agreement, we can come out with the tree and present it and have a chat about the possibilities.

If you wish to negotiate the Bambooxmas tree, we would be happy to hear from you at